This Friday we hold our first PC-based Fortnite event.
There are prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

All play is automatically scored by a third party. You earn points through out the day while gaming on our PCs.

Entry Fee is $10 and PC time is a special price of $5/hour.

Here is a breakdown of the point system we will be using this Friday.

Fortnite Points Breakdown:

  • +9 points for Top 25
  • +6 points for top 10
  • +6 points for top 5
  • +3 points per kill
  • +9 points for a win

Points add up as you achieve each goal.

Example in a single game:

  • If you get to top 25 they will get +9 points (total 9)
  • If you get in top 10 he will get an additional +6 points (total 15)
  • If you get a kill you will get +3 points (total 18)
  • If you get to the top 5 you will get +6 points (total 24)
  • If you get 2 kills you will get 3+3 points (total 30)

The more kills and wins you get, the more points you earn.

Top player at the end of the day wins $200. Second Place wins get a Monthly Pass to the Arcade and 5 hours of PC Time. Third Place wins an Arcade Pass and 2 hours of PC Time.