Every Friday we hold a PC-based Fortnite game with cash prizes.
There is a $100 Cash prize for first place and prizes for everyone who plays in 5 events.

All play is automatically scored by a third party. You earn points through out the day while gaming on our PCs.

Entry Fee for each event is $25 and includes a free arcade pass and 3 hours of PC gaming time to be used at the event.

Here is a breakdown of the point system we will be using.

Fortnite Points Breakdown:

  • +9 points for Top 25
  • +6 points for top 10
  • +6 points for top 5
  • +3 points per kill
  • +9 points for a win

Points add up as you achieve each goal.

Example in a single game:

  • If you get to top 25 they will get +9 points (total 9)
  • If you get in top 10 he will get an additional +6 points (total 15)
  • If you get a kill you will get +3 points (total 18)
  • If you get to the top 5 you will get +6 points (total 24)
  • If you get 2 kills you will get 3+3 points (total 30)

The more kills and wins you get, the more points you earn.

Top player at the end of the day wins $100 Cash. Second Place Wins $25 in PC time. Third Place wins an arcade pass.

Show up early to the arcade to setup your controls. Players who pay and are late more than 10 minutes will lose their seat and no refund will be given.
Players do not have to play all three hours if they feel their score will be high enough.